Frequently asked questions- General

How long has the agency been serving this community?
Since 2004
Does the agency have any printed brochures describing the services it offers and how much they cost?
Yes, rates are need-based depending on the type and length of services desired
Is the agency an approved Medicare/Medicaid provider?
Yes, we are aGeorgia Department of Community Health (DCH) Medicaid Waiver approved service provider qualified to meet your needs.
Does the agency have a current license to practice?
Yes, ourConyers and Macon offices are GA State ORS licensed (now known as Healthcare Facility Regulation).
Does the agency offer seniors a “Client’s Bill of Rights” that describes the rights and responsibilities of both the agency and the senior being cared for?
Yes, at every initial assessment and re-assessment. Our culture is to respect you and your decisions.
Does the agency write a plan of care for the client (with input from the patient, his or her doctor and family), and update the plan as needed?
All care plans are initiated at initial assessment in collaboration with all concerned and reviewed atevery supervisory visit.
Does the care plan outline the client’s course of treatment, describing the specific tasks to be performed by each caregiver?
Yes, both the client and direct care staff has a copy to ensure compliance and drive desirable outcome.
How closely do supervisors oversee care to ensure quality?
Supervisors are always available on phone 24/7.Routine client satisfaction surveys are regularly conductedand scheduled supervisory visits are made every two months or as needed.
Will agency caregivers keep family members informed about the kind of care their loved one is getting?
Yes, with due permission and in compliance with HIPAA, communication has and still is the key to success in APremium Healthcare.
Are agency staff members available around the clock, seven days a week, if necessary?
Yes, 24/7.
Does the agency have a nursing supervisor available to provide on-call assistance 24 hours a day?
Yes, our Clinical Nurse Managers are available to respond to all concerns and provide assistance as needed 24/7/365.
How does the agency ensure patient confidentiality
In compliance with HIPAA, written permission to disclose information is obtained from the client before any information is shared with client’s representative, other healthcare team or regulatory agencies as the case may be.
How are agency caregivers hired and trained?
APremium Healthcare utilizes the services of qualified graduates; registered, licensed and certified professionals to deliver quality services to every client.
What is the procedure for resolving problems when they occur, and who can I call with questions or complaints?
The 24/7 client care lines are given to all clients at initial assessment. Every complaint is investigated and resolved with the goal to determine what went wrong, how it could have been prevented and what to do in order to avoid a reoccurrence. APremium Healthcare’s goal is to be a Solution and not a Problem.
How does the agency handle billing?
Each client is invoiced/ billed according to client preference. It could be weekly, biweekly or on a monthly basis.
Is there a sliding fee schedule based on ability to pay, and is financial assistance available to pay for services?
Yes, the agency works with every client to ensure that finance is not a barrier to receiving the quality care they deserve.
Will the agency provide a list of references for its caregivers?
Yes, gladly on demand.
Who does the agency call if the home health care worker cannot come when scheduled?
The company calls the client or the client’s representative if there is any known call out.
What type of employee screening is done?
Our stringent and rigorous screening process includes drug screening, TB, first aid and CPR. The agency also checks criminal background and screen each candidate through the Office of Inspector General of police (OIG) to ensure that no applicant is on the ‘exclusion’ list.